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“Barbie”: Embrace Your True Self, A Real Surprise!

That night, I gave up on Nolan, Christopher Nolan. I’ve seen almost all of his films, from “Memento” to “Tenet”, all of which I like. His new work, “Oppenheimer”, a sort of biographical film about a scientific great, is also a type that I like, or at least don’t mind watching. But with a running time of three hours and the appeal of the main character, it really poses a threat to people after work hours. After some thought, I gave up on Christopher Nolan, just for one night.

Instead of watching “Oppenheimer”, I opted for another highly-praised film, “Barbie”. Surprised? Unexpected? As of writing, it has gone down to only 7.7 on IMDB, which is still quite good. On Douban, it has an even higher rating of 8.8, and an audience score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Local film review websites are slightly lower, around 7 points. Just looking at everyone’s scores, it should not be too bad. The promotion is really exaggerated, with a lot of decorations in the cinema for photo-taking, and they also did a special feature on GOOGLE, where you will get special effects when you search for certain keywords.

Of course, besides those who actively watch this movie, there are also many friends who are “passively watching” (you know what I mean). After all, this IP is a collective memory of girls, so there should be quite a few friends who have to “passively watch”, right? The good news is that even if you don’t like / aren’t interested in Barbie products, this movie is really not bad to watch, and even quite interesting. Indeed, Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Barbie” movie has elements of feminism and political correctness, but it’s not bad to watch. It uses a diverse perspective and comedic packaging, the content is on point, and it doesn’t make you shake your head like some superhero movies, where adding a race/gender BUFF makes it invincible and hard and bad.

The story is about the iconic Barbie living a 100% perfect life in “Barbie Paradise”, but one day, she finds that she has various problems and is no longer perfect. In order to return to “normal”, she decides to look for it in the real world….

The art department is super fun, full of a toy-like world, all kinds of buildings and items, ridiculous and yet exquisite. The floating heel setting is simply a stroke of genius, echoing Barbie itself and echoing the plot, it’s ingenious. The part about KEN is a bit commonplace, a lot of laughs, but also a bit thought-provoking. In addition, a bunch of discontinued toys appear, which is both a surprise and self-mockery, quite fun. The story of feminism and masculinity is ambitiously written. The part where mom bursts SEED’s large number of women facing social expectations is very sincere and touching. The work at least achieves emotion, humor, and reasoning.

Although I’ve praised it so much, it’s actually just a big IP blockbuster with a bit of creativity and sincerity. It’s limited to say it’s innovative or heretical. Friends who like to watch “special/alternative” movies, remember to lower your expectations. Personally, I think the movie itself is about 7.5 points, but as a big company’s big IP’s courage and sincerity, I would at least give it an extra 1.5 points, finally 9 points. The courage and sincerity scores are very personal, but in recent years, I’ve been dizzy from watching too many well-rounded big productions. Occasionally, when a big IP big company can be so reckless, it feels a bit fresh.

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